De Puta Madre Gold Now Set to Launch the Latest Provocative Design Streetwear

De Puta Madre Gold or DPM Gold, a Calabrien, Italy based clothing brand launches its provocative design collection of streetwear including t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim jeans, crime fashion and narcos fashion clothing for men and women.

The owner of the brand shares that the idea behind the concept of such a raw and hardcore streetwear range germinated in South Italian Underground. The dark phases and experiences in his life motivated him to come up with a clothing brand with a powerful message and a vision to uplifting the lifestyle standards of the marginal communities in the world and give them a style statement to which they can relate with. According to him, every man or woman in the society owning a hardcore personality that pushes them every moment to take a stand for truth and what is right and fight against the wrong in the world deserves this awe-inspiring range of provocative design streetwear. Ranging from comfortable and stylish Provocative T Shirts to awesome Narcos Fashion and Crime Fashion Sweatshirts – DPM Gold got you covered with its unique collection of raw style clothing. Buyers can explore all the DPM Gold Best Seller products from 2003 to 2011 in the Spring Summer Collection offered by the brand. Buyers can find a new style range of DPM Gold every two weeks. Rising above its literal foul meaning, the brand flies high to offer the fashion fanatics the tags like cool and first-class.

About De Puta Madre Gold
De Puta Madre Gold or DPM Gold is a Calabrian, Italy based brand that offers stylish and provocative design streetwear for all ages, genders and communities, including the geeks, punks, tattoo lovers and superstars or wannabe superstars. The brand found its inception in South Italy and now giving major fashion goals to the people in complete Europe. DPM Gold creates raw and hardcore fashion clothing made of finest quality fabrics and showcasing precision details that make you more awesome. The brand was founded in 2003 by an ex-member of a criminal organization who chose the brighter side of the society and rose to success by creating a fashion brand. It was a successful journey from 2008 till 2011 when the creation of the clothing range paused. The founder resumed the brand in the market in 2018 after finding an investor.

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